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"This story is a hugely enjoyable historical romance with a paranormal touch set in the Black Forest in Germany in the early 1800s. Woven through with references to fairy tales and with evocative writing about the surroundings of Castle of Wolfenbach, this is different from the usual historical romance of gowns, balls and peerages. . . . CASTLE OF THE WOLF was an excellent read from start to finish."

Helen Hancox
Curled Up with a Good Book
5-star review

"Von Anfang an sehr präsent ist . . . eine ansteckende Heiterkeit, die einen ausgleichenden Gegenpol zur Verschlossenheit des gequälten Helden bildet. Entstanden ist ein wonniger und zugleich ergreifender Historical mit märchenhaften Anklängen in einem zauberhaften Ambiente."

Tina Dick

"CASTLE OF THE WOLF is an enchanting story with the feel of a fairy tale that is both enthralling and sensual, and will have readers waiting for more from this new author. Each character comes to life on the pages, from the hero and heroine to the secondary characters. This reviewer would recommend this book to anyone with a love for historical romance."

Tangela Williams
The Romance Readers Connection

"This reader was truly enchanted!"

Karen Michelle Nutt

"CASTLE OF THE WOLF is at heart a tale of Beauty and the Beast and Sandra brings her own interpretation to the story and makes it her own. For lovers of fairytales and anything that is out of the ordinary, this book is a must read. Do not pass up on this genuinely delightful novel."

Dorie Hensley
The Mystic Castle

"Reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast, CASTLE OF THE WOLF will appeal to those who enjoy gothic romances."

Amy Mendenhall
Parkersburg News

"CASTLE OF THE WOLF by Sandra Schwab is a riveting magical romance. I thought Celia was a brave and caring heroine and a perfect companion for Fenris. I loved how Fenris tried to come across as a grumpy old recluse, but all the little caring gestures he did to make Celia's life better really touched my heart. I liked the gothic overtones of the story and the little glimpses of magic in the castle. This is an excellent love story and I recommend you pick this great book up."

Romance Junkies

"With its paranormal/gothic twist, Schwab's second tantalizing romance is ideal for a dark night or a rainy afternoon. She creates the atmosphere of a grown-up fairy tale, complete with a determined heroine, a dark, beastly hero, wicked in-laws and the magic of the stones that surround the castle."

Kathe Robin
Romantic Times Book Reviews

"CASTLE OF THE WOLF is a fun gothic romance with a delightful supernatural spin to freshen up the story line. Celia is an obstinate heroine refusing to give up on her beloved beast even when his tortured soul makes her wonder if he is also performing evil deeds.

Harriet Klausner

". . . enchanting and full of surprises . . ."

Coffee Time Romance

". . . a rich, dark and sometimes bitter fairy tale, complete with . . . evocative descriptions of nineteenth-century Europe and antique architecture . . . The characters here, even tertiary ones, are memorable and unique to themselves . . . The narrative language is expressive and full-bodied, and if you want a real treat, you'll go listen to Schwab reading her own words in her soft and lilting, charmingly accented voice. You can find the podcast link on her Web site. Her voice is hypnotic and beautiful . . ."

Camille Alexa
Green Man Review

(This was actually a bad review, but even though Camille didn't really like the book, she still had lovely things to say about it, didn't she?)

"Castle of the Wolf is a well-written novel with interesting plot twists, and interspersed with excerpts from some of the best in 19th century romantic poetry— a passion Schwab clearly shares with her feisty heroine."

My Romance Story

"Castle of The Wolf was an enjoyable read from beginning to end. The setting being in Germany made for a nice, refreshing change from the typical English surroundings. Ms. Schwab does a wonderful job with descriptive details throughout the whole story. Celia comes across as a very strongwilled woman who gets very creative in her attempts to bring brightness into her husband's dark world. Fenris is a dynamic character and the touch of paranormal surrounding him makes him even more intriguing. Celia will not back down from her husband's dark side and both help the other put the past behind each other. This story is a treat and highly recommended to those wanting an entertaining, captivating read."

The Romance Studio
4 1/2 hearts review

"CASTLE OF WOLF is a well written book that will be enjoyed by lovers of gothic historicals"

Anthonette Dotson
Romance Reviews Today

What bloggers have got to say about Castle of the Wolf

"I had a lovely time reading COTW, and not just because of the yummy setting. Cissy is great. She's such a sensible, determined woman, ready to go after what (and who) she wants. . . . As it should be in a good gothic, the setting is almost another character in the story. Schwab really makes the Black Forest come alive with her vivid, colourful descriptions, and I loved that it isn't a gratuitous "exotic" setting, but really plays a role in the story. And the atmosphere! That was excellently done.

Rosario's Reading Journal

"The fairy tale quality of the story along with the gothic overtones makes this an attractive and unconventional historical read."

Dear Author

"This is a lovely spin on the classic “Beauty and the Beast” kind of tale. Lovers of myths and fairy tales will find many references here that add an extra dimension to the story. . . . The story has a wonderfully gothic feel with a touch of the paranormal. I’m hoping to see many more books from this very talented author."

CA Reviews

"This was a very nice gothic romance. It had some drama, some subtle fantastical elements (as all gothics should), some crazy relatives, a smidge of sex, and, of course, a satisfying romance."

The Good, the Bad, the Unread

"I think this author has a very interesting voice that would contribute well to the romance genre. The atmosphere of the story was well done and played a significant role in the story. The fairy-tale aspect of the story was charming. . . . You can feel this otherworldly presence that seemed to have enveloped and permeated the castle and it’s inhabitants, thereby, providing for it’s dark tone."

Avid Bookreader

"I liked the hero and heroine, her brother's pathetic, her SIL's a bitch, his parents are sweet, the servants are loyal, the heroine has an interesting rat killing friend, and his brother's the villain. The gargoyles add a cool twist to the story. The setting is interesting--Germany's Black Forest. What's not to like?"

Tara Marie
Romance Reading Mum

"I loved her first book, The Lily Brand, and her second book lived up to the first. I pretty much devoured this one once I got into it. It rates a solid A from me. I’d like to mention that I am absolutely amazed that English is not Ms. Schwab’s native tongue. I didn’t notice any grammatical or typographical errors. She may have one heck of a copy editor, but you have to think that a large part of the quality is due to the author herself."

Phyl's Quilts & Books

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