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Eagle's Honor Series: one family & 300 years of the Roman Empire
About the Series

The Eagle's Honor series follows the story of one family across 300 years of the Roman Empire, from Caesar's conquests in Gaul to the fall of the Germanic limes in the 270s. It started out as a fun project in 2014, when somebody suggested on Twitter I ought to write a Roman historical. And so I did. And then it became a whole series. With spin-off novellas.

Books in the Series
cover of Eagle's Honor, by Sandra Schwab
cover of Eagle's Honor: Banished, by Sandra Schwab
cover of Eagle's Honor: Ravished, by Sandra Schwab
cover of Eagle's Honor: Vanquished, by Sandra Schwab

Arndis & Marcus' story

Set during the time of Caesar's conquests.

Marcus is the one who has the snake armring made. He gives it to Arndis as a token of his devotion. 

Planned for 2017

Lia & Marcus' story

Set in AD 123, when Hadrian's Wall was built

Marcus is a descendant of Marcus & Arndis from Eagle's Honor.

Available now

Livia & Adelar's story

Set in AD 190 at the Upper German-Raetian limes.

Livia is the great-granddaughter of Lia & Marcus from Eagle's Honor: Banished.

Available now

Um... somebody's story

Set in ~ AD 270, when the German limes fell.

The heroine is a descendant of Livia & Adelar from Eagle's Honor: Ravished.

Planned for 2017/18
(by which time the hero & heroine will have names)
(At least I hope so!)

Soon after I had begun to write Eagle's Honor: Ravished, I started to think that Caius and Lucius would deserve a story of their own. And then I stumbled across a digital model with whom I instantly fell in love and who inspired me to write a story about Lia and Marcus' daughter. Thus, the idea for spin-off novellas was born. 
cover of The Prefect's Daughter, by Sandra Schwab
cover of The Centurion's Choice, by Sandra Schwab

Vina & Lonan's story

Set in ~ 150 AD in Caledonia (Scotland)

Corvina (Vina) is the daughter of Lia & Marcus from Eagle's Honor: Banished. And Lonan? Is the son of Marcus' best friend Alaric. :-)

Planned for 2017

Caius & Lucius' story

set in AD 178-80 in Pannonia during the Second Marcomannic War

Caius is the grandson of Lia & Marcus from Eagle's Honor: Banished.
He is also the uncle of Livia, the heroine from Eagle's Honor: Ravished, and both he and Lucius appear as secondary characters in that novel

Available now!

Writing the Romans

I blame Twitter for the Romans: Back in the summer of 2014 I was part of a conversation on Twitter about Roman historicals - or rather, the scarcity of them. And when I mentioned I live near a former border of the Roman Empire and near a reconstructed fort, somebody suggested I ought to write a Roman historical myself.

For some strange, unfathomable reason I said I would think about it.

A couple of days later, I visited said reconstructed fort, the Saalburg, where I was struck by the strangest feeling. Walking between the barrack blocks and the granaries, I suddenly felt as if I had stepped back in time. For a just a little moment, I felt a keen connection to the men who had once been stationed at this fort. Indeed, that feeling was so strong that the sight of the eagle standard in the shrine of the standards nearly made me burst into tears because I was so very touched. (And the eagle standard doesn't even belong in that shrine! After all, it's a legionary standard, and the fort was only ever garrisoned by auxiliary troops.) It was then that I decided I would indeed write a Roman historical.

After some thinking and planning (and frantic buying of research books), I had soon plotted a whole series, consisting of four books. In honor of my love for Rosemary Sutcliff's books, especially her novels set in Roman Britain, I chose to make the connecting element a snake armring with a set-in stone with a dolphin from a man's ring. (A dolphin ring also appears in several of Sutcliff's stories, from Eagle of the Ninth to Sword at Sunset.)

Again, in honor of Sutcliff, I decided to set the first full-length novel of the series, Eagle's Honor: Banished, in Roman Britain. I was very tempted to set the book in Vindolanda, a Roman fort near Hadrian's Wall - mainly because I love the name so much. In the end I decided against it: after all, I had never visited its remains, and choosing a real place with real people seemed rather ripe for pitfalls. But I came up with a very similar name for the fort Marcus is sent to in Banished: Vindulum. :-) 

For Ravished and Vanquished, by contrast, I did choose a real place as the setting: the Saalburg. Its original Roman name has been lost, so I came up with my own: Saalensium. 
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